Company Overview

Kalachakra, Inc. is a growing socially and environmentally responsible assets management company. We not only construct houses and renovate apartments, but also build platforms and create communities.

Who We Are

We are a value-driven, tight-knit company that cares about delivering projects we are proud of. Our values shape our decisions, give directions to our growth, and inform our outlook in life. Therefore, we embrace the following values as they guide actions and communications between our collaborators and us.

  • Sharing and giving.
    We are dedicated to delivering projects that not only provide a place for dwelling but also make the concept of living come true.
  • Openness and transparency.
    Being open and transparent to everyone is critical in businesses and relationships. We strive to ensure mutually beneficial results for us and our partners.
  • Taking responsibility.
    We foster an environment where it is safe to make mistakes because we believe they are crucial learning experiences that we can build on.

Our Missions


Currently, Kalachakra is focused on two developments.

First, the High Seasons Apartment Project. We are renovating an industrial building into high-quality apartments with an exceptional common area and plenty of shared facilities that will enable us to create a vibrant community.

Second, the Milford Meditation Project. We are in the final stages of creating a retreat center that will invite teachers from different industries to give lessons and foster community. We hope this will benefit students, professionals, and residents in the Greater Boston Area.


There are two more projects waiting to be done – the Crystal Lake Project and the Adirondack Project. We are looking forward to building there in the future.

Projects Snaps